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About Thanh Pham

Hello everyone and welcome to my site.  A little about me.   I am a devoted father to my daughter Harper and husband to my wife Jennifer living in Metro Detroit.  I would consider myself a very technical person and hence my illustrious career path of being an engineer, but there is a growing passion inside me for my more creative side.  I have been tinkering with photography for about 9 years now, but the last few years I have felt the need to feed this fire.

Aside from photography, I have started a love hate relationship with running.  I have done many 5K's, 10K's, fun runs, and I am training for my third half marathon.  I love running the races but the training part is another story.

My wife and I are also in love with traveling (when opportunities arise).  We have traveled throughout the US and have been fortunate enough to make it over to Hawaii and parts of Europe.  This has given me the opportunity to improve on my landscape and street photography.

Hopefully aside from reading this we will have a chance to meet someday and say hello in person!

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